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Announcing the 8th Annual Merit Badge College

Central Columbia Middle School
4777 Old Berwick Road
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
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Saturday February 4, 2017

8:05 AM to 5:00 PM

 (Registration 8:05-8:30am, Orientation and Award Presentations 8:35am till 8:55am   Merit Badge sessions 9am till 5pm

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General Information

Registration Deadline: January 13, 2017

Registration Fee:  $19.00

Late Registration: January 14-27, 2017

Registration Fee: $29.00


$5 per merit badge surcharge for any changes after initial registration must be paid in Council Service Center

Important: No registrations will be accepted after January 27, 2017. NO EXCEPTIONS

Scouts can register for more than 1 Merit Badge.

Registration fee includes patch, blue cards,  and merit badge offerings.

1. NEW THIS YEAR: ALL e mails from adult merit badge counselors need to go to scout and an adult (parent), scoutmaster, or troop advancement person. This is mandatory and part of registration process this year.

2. NEW THIS YEAR: If a scout needs to respond to a merit badge counselor with information prior to the event , but does not do it at least 1 week prior to the event the scout is encouraged to bring a self addressed stamped envelope to his merit badge session to give to counselor so that counselor can mail blue card to scout when badge is completed after the event. Information received by counselors the day of the event will probably not be reviewed by counselor at the event. 

Important: In the description of the Merit Badges, all requirements marked in BOLD TYPE must be completed at least 1 week before the “day visit” or this event.  Written typed responses must be either e-mailed or sent to the counselor. This year your counselor will have your e-mail address immediately upon registration approval thus allowing 2 way communication between scout and counselor. For further details or information contact the individual Merit Badge counselor. Only partials, if possible, will be earned without this prior work having been done.  All partials must be completed no later than June 15, 2017.  Please note that for all Merit Badges offered at this Merit Badge College, you must follow the requirements as stated in the given Merit Badge which are taken from BSA National web site. No badges will be changed the day of the event. No walk-ins accepted.

            The Scout Oath, The Scout Law, and The Outdoor Code shall be the code of Merit Badge College. Full Class “A” uniform is required unless specified otherwise by a given counselor due to activity to be completed. Scouts need to bring with them the pens or pencils, paper, loose leaf binder or clipboard, and any other school supplies they will need for the badge, along with any project material required to be done in advance, and any verification of work previously done that has been requested by the given Merit Badge Counselor. Each scout is responsible for either obtaining a merit badge book or the information contained within per BSA web site.

            Attendance is no guarantee of receiving credit for the merit badge(s) taken at Merit Badge College. All merit badges require active preparation and participation.

The Order of the Arrow will have both breakfast and lunch food items as well as beverages available for purchase or the scout/adults can brown bag their lunch.

 Orientation will be held  from 8:35am till 8:55 am Merit badge offerings are 9 am-5pm.   You must be present for Orientation  or come to  the registration tables ½ hour prior to your 1st badge to get updated information about the event, name tag and room assignments for your badges.  


  1. Scout with most merit badges earned.  2 awards –1 award for scout no older than 13 years and 1 award for scout of any age  (TO QUALIFY FOR THIS AWARD YOU MUST WEAR YOUR SASH)   ($10 cash for lunch)
  2. Troop with most scouts attending   (Camp Lavigne trading post gift certificate $50)
  3. Troop from within Columbia Montour council with highest percentage of scouts attending (Camp Lavigne trading post gift certificate $50)
If the event is cancelled due to weather or another reason there is a $10.00 non-refundable  fee (due to patch cost, printing materials & use of  facilities). You would still receive the patch made for the event. For cancellation information refer to this website or WHLM News Radio @ 930AM,1280AM(Berwick), 94.7 FM, 104.3 FM and 105.5 FM Danvile  Or Listen On-Line.

Animal Science (Requires Day Visit)  


Citizenship in the Community

Citizenship in the Nation

Coin Collecting



Dentistry (Requires Day Visit)  

Digital Technology

Disabilities Awareness

Dog Care (Requires Day Visit)  




Family Life 

Fire Safety  (Requires Day Visit)   

Genealogy (Requires Day Visit)   

Indian Lore


Law (Requires Day Visit)   


Model Design and Building

Personal Fitness

Programming (Requires Day Visit)  

Public Speaking

Public Health




Scouting Heritage


Stamp Collecting


Veterinary Medicine (Requires Day Visit will be over Christmas Break)  

Merit Badge College 2017

(badges and times listed below are the same as in the Registration area---this is for information only to help scout in selecting his badges)

9am-l 1am 9am-1pm 11am-1pm
Dog CareCiti in the Comm Athletics
Engineering Electronics Collections
Family Life
Digital Technology
Fire Safety
Disabilities Awareness
Indian Lore

Programing (11 AM -12PM)
Model Design and Building
Scholarship(11 AM-12PM)
Public Speaking Scouting Heritage
Veterinary Medicine
1-3pm 1-5pm 3-5pm
Animal Science Communications
Public Health
Cit Nation Electricity Safety
Coin Collecting
Dentistry (1PM-2PM)Textile

Personal Fitness

Stamp Collecting

Veterinary Medicine


Payment Must Be Made in FULL to secure class registration

After payment approval and selection of classes you will receive an  e- mail from Scout Office approval person confirming your class schedule. You should print off a copy of your approved registration and bring it to this event. Your blue cards which will be supplied by registration personnel at this event will be attached to your approved registration form so that you can return it to your Scoutmaster for his/her signature after this event.