Exploring is a career awareness program for young men and women ages 14 through 20. Our programs help match your career ambitions with the community, corporate and business resources. Imagine getting a head start on your future, by attending monthly meetings at an organization that specializes in your field of interest, along with other young adults who share your ambitions. The Exploring program can help you unlock doors that lead to success, such as;

  • Interaction with professionals within your field of interest.
  • Mentoring advice and an insight into the career.
  • On the job experience and planning tips toward post high school graduation.
  • Leadership experience and resume’ building opportunities.
  • Future contact cultivation and networking opportunities.
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Internship Opportunities


Explore Your Future, Now!

If you want to get a head start on your career of interest, Exploring is a great way to build knowledge, gain experience, create contacts and plan for your future. To view the current listing of programs being offered, visit the national website for Exploring.

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