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Welcome to the Camp Lavigne
Project COPE and Climbing page!


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Interested in a fun and rewarding activity for your group or team?

At Camp Lavigne, we have exciting oppurtunities for you to enjoy a fun filled experience in high adventure!  Our Project COPE and climbing programs are the best in the area!  Our facilities are inspected annually and rival those of any camp or organization around!  Our instructor corps are highly trained and always helpful in guiding you towards achieving your persaonal and/or team goals!





 What is Project COPE you ask?

Project COPE is an acronym for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, an exciting program in the BSA emphasizing the teaching of eight major goals: communication, planning, trust, teamwork, leadership, decision-making, problem-solving, and self-esteemIt consists of group initiative games, trust events, low-course events, and high-course events.  Some activities involve a group challenge, while others develop individual skills.  Project COPE is a flexible experience that can be custom designed specifically for your group.  Course length can be from a few hours to several days. 

This program provides a vehicle for groups to challenge themselves to reach personal and team goals.  Project COPE is designed to breakdown barriers between individuals and create an atmosphere of shared leadership and problem solving.

When it comes to rock climbing, we are one of the few camps in PA to have an actual rock climbing site within our camp! Bouldering, climbing, rappelling, and belaying are just a few things you will do at our new and improved location. 

Also offered is BSA training for Climb On Safely and Leave No Trace.

At Camp Lavigne, your experience will provide hours of fun and memories for a lifetime!

Our courses are open to any and all groups/teams, youth and adult, from April to mid-November.

Our course is a certified Boy Scouts of America National Camp Accredited Program area, inspected and approved for use by both the BSA and the ACCT (American Challenge Course Technology).

  Been there, done that???  Then instructor training is for you!  Go back and click on the instructor link to find out more!

Challenge yourself to an ultimate experience of fun and excitement!


Our course is open to any and all groups/teams, youth and adult, from April to mid-November. 
Our Project COPE and climbing programs are flexible experiences that can be custom designed specifically for your group.  Course length can be from a few hours to several daysAt Camp Lavigne, your experience will provide hours of fun and memories for a lifetime!

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Take a look at, or come and visit, our areas...

Welcome to the Wolfe's Den!

So named for our founder Larry Wolfe, the man whom introduced our council to BSA's newest program in 1999, the entire enclosed tower area is known affectionately as the Wolfe's Den.  It consists of a low COPE course, a high COPE course, and a climbing tower, known to all as Spidey's Lair.

Our Low COPE Course

work in coming soon.  

Our High COPE Course

work in coming soon

Spidey's Lair
work in coming soon.

How can you be a participant?  EASY!  You must make a reservation with the program manager.  However, to do so you must follow the steps below.

First step, you must be of age.

             Age requirements for both our Project COPE and climbing programs
for scouts and non-scouts.

Ages 7 & 8                               Bouldering no higher than climber’s height
Ages 9 & 10                             Bouldering no higher than climber’s height
                                           Rappeling with a trained belayer
                                           No belaying 

Ages 11 & 12:                          Bouldering no higher than climber’s heigh
                                           Top rope climbing with trained belayer
                                           Rappeling with a trained belayer
                                           Belaying with supervision and a back-up
                                           Low Cope

Ages 13 & older:                     Bouldering no higher than climber’s height
                                          Top rope climbing with trained belayer
                                          Belaying with supervision
                                          Rappeling with a trained belayer
                                          Belaying with supervision and a back-up
                                          All Low Cope and High Cope activities

Second step, for all scout and non-scout groups contact the program manager to reseve a date any weekend during the months of April, May, August, September, October, and November (until Thanksgiving).  A minimum of 6 members to a group/patrol is requested unless you intend to participate in high COPE elements only.  A maxium of 40 persons per day is allowed, 10 per group/patrol, 4 groups max.  During the months of June and July our camp is occupied by Boy Scouts for our summer camp programs.  For Boy Scout groups, do not contact us to sign up for summer camp activities.  Please utilize the camp registration process as always.  Depending on the activities you chose will determine if this will be a "rain or shine" event.  For example, most low COPE elements can be done "rain or shine" but all high elements are closed during inclement weather.  We do offer interior climbing and rappeling during these times (see Climbing section) if interested.

Third step, obtain and complete the necessary forms.  Go back and click on the link "Forms needed" and follow the directions.  For non-scout groups, you must also provide proof of insurance, $1 million coverage minimum, obtained from your organization. 

Final step, all equipment is provided.  Just show up on your scheduled day, with the necessary forms, and have fun!  Should either party have to cancel, please contact each other asap, accordingly.

        Cost is minimal...$10 a person!  For non-scout groups, there is a one time base fee of $50 per group in addition to the $10 per person fee.  Your group will be on record as paying this base fee for future visits.
Any questions, or to reserve a date please contact the progrom manager (see below).

What can you earn?
By completing ANY ten Project COPE elements you can earn our council's coveted patch:

patch pic to be here

and the chance to say, "We did it!" and "I achieved what I set out to do and conquered my fears or hesitations".

What types of groups might benefit from these programs?

Besides Boy Scout patrols/troops, the following is a partial list of participants who just might benefit from these great programs:

Girl Scout Units

Sports Teams

Youth Groups

Church Groups


School Clubs

EMS departments

Fire Departments

SWAT/Tactical Groups

Police Departments

Prison Staff

Search and Rescue Companies

Small, Large and

Corporate Businesses





About Our Organization…

The Project COPE and Climbing Committee is a wonderful group of trained, experienced instructors and trainers, dedicated to providing a quality BSA program for all to enjoy.  Although our program runs between spring and fall we are expanding our horizons with more winter activities such as ice climbing, indoor climbing gyms, and training, both administrative and practical. Also, our committee is always looking for future instructors to teach and certify. Have something to add to our program? Join us at an upcoming committee meeting. Hope to see you there!

Committee Chairman

Larry Wolfe

(570) 356-2038

Program Manager/COPE Director

Dave Elmore

(570) 542-2201

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






























































































































































































































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