The “Year  Round Camper” is designed to promote camping as a year round activity. It is presented to the Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venturer, or adult leader who meets the requirements of the recognition.


 1. The Scout, Venturer, or Scouter must be registered for the full period during which he/she is working on the award.

2. The camper must camp outdoors at least one night each month for ten (10) calendar months within a twelve (12) month period. If two consecutive months are missed, the series is broken and the camper must start over. The series may start at any time.

3. Each 24 hour period of camping is to include three outdoor meals, prepared on an individual or patrol basis. Two of the meals shall require cooking preparation.

4. Overnight shelter may consist of a tent, Adirondack shelter, lean-to of original design, under the stars if appropriate, or any other type of camping shelter provided it is approved as such by the unit leader.

5. Camping at Council, district or national activities are also acceptable; Philmont, Jamborees and summer camp are also included.

6. All overnight camping will comply with the camping BSA standards.

7. Camping and safety standards found in the Guide to Safe Scouting MUST be followed when participating in all activities related to this program.

Camping Standards:

1. No Scout, Venturer or Scouter will camp alone. Two adults are required at all times.

2. All health and safety standards are in effect during all outdoor camping experiences. Refer to Scouting manuals for correct procedures, etc.

3. Being prepared is necessary: Prior to the camping trip the Scoutmaster will approve the following:

      a. Place - date and duration of trip, including names of campers.

      b. Equipment list.

      c. Complete menu- food cost per meal per camper.

      d. Obtain all permissions required.

      e. File all Tour permits as required.

4. All camping will be in accordance with principles outlined in the Outdoor Code  and Leave No Trace. Leave your area better than you found it.


5. All leaders must adhere to youth protection policies.

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