It's For All Scouting Volunteers!

As a movement whose leadership is overwhelmingly volunteer, the Boy Scouts of America recognizes the importance of acknowledging the invaluable services that men and women render to youth. Of the hundreds of awards that the BSA presents each year to those on the local council, regional, and national levels, the Silver Buffalo , Silver Antelope , Silver Beaver , and Silver World awards are the most prestigious. Although the criteria are different for each of these awards, there is one common thread: The recognitions are granted by one's own peers in Scouting for distinguished service to youth. Other BSA awards, by comparison, are granted only to those who have completed a prescribed course of study or have participated in special training sessions.


Training, Service, and Longevity awards.

The training awards and keys are designed to recognize unit Scouters for tenure, training, and performance in their leadership roles.

For Cub Scouts

                        Den Leader Training Award

                        Cub Scouting Training Award

                        Cubmaster Key


For Boy Scouts

                        Boy Scouting Training Award

                        Scoutmaster Key


For Venturing

                        Venturing Training Award

                        Advisor Key


For Commissioners

                        Roundtable Staff Training Award

                        Roundtable Commissioners Key/Arrowhead Honor Award

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