Dear Scouters,

In my never-ending quest to find the best way to communicate with everyone, I'm going to try a weekly update blast. If you would like to receive this email update from me, please go to our website. On the right hand side is a place to sign-up for DE Minutes. I will attempt to put something out weekly through an automated email. Ok it's my first attempt at something like a blog. This could get interesting.

Kathy Price

Office Hours & Contact Info
Monday: Closed
Tuesday:9am to 5pm
Wednesday:1pm to 7pm
Thursday:9am to 5pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Address,Phone & Fax
5 Audubon Court
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Phone (570) 784-2700
Fax (570) 387-4074

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Upcoming Events

Sunday February 26
6PM VOA Meeting (Council Office)
Tuesday February 28
7:00pm COPE/Climbing Comm Mtg. Training
Wednesday March 1
7:00pm Roundtable
Wednesday March 1
Office Opens 1 PM
Sunday March 5
5:30pm OA EC Meeting
Sunday March 5
6:30pm OA Lodge Meeting
Wednesday March 8
Office Opens 1 PM
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