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Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby Rules

(As used by Columbia Montour Council Derby)

All cars must be built as per instruction in the box, using the materials in the box

  • Only OFFICIAL Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Kit #17006 will be accepted –everyone needs to start with identical materials.
  • No ALTERATION of the wheels will be allowed.
  • No solid axels.
  • Axels must be placed in the slots provided, if the slots are not straight only then can you cut new ones.
  • No “quick start” modifications.
  • All weight added to the car must be in a solid form and fixed to the car.

See Pinewood Derby Rules below:

  1. Axles must be placed in the groves provided in the block of wood.  They cannot be moved up to lower the car and they cannot be moved forward or back to change the wheel base.
  2. Do not decrease the width between the wheels as this will prevent the car from running on the track.
  3. It is permissible to add detail kits such as wheel wells and spoilers as long as it does not change the overall car dimensions.
  4. All cars will be weighed in and fully inspected before race time to ensure that they adhere to all the posted rules.  If the car does not adhere to the provided specifications it may be disqualified.
  5. Graphite is a dry lubricant.
  6. Weight cannot exceed 5 (five) ounces.  Please bring all appropriate tools if you car may exceed weight specifications.
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