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Office Hours & Contact Info

Monday and Tuesday – 9am to 5pm

Wednesday – 1pm to 5 pm

Thursday and Friday – 9am to 5pm

Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Address,Phone & Fax
5 Audubon Court
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Phone (570) 784-2700
Fax (570) 387-4074

Newsletter Sign Up

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Recruiting Tips

Pack Info Sheets
Every pack should develop and distribute a Pack Information Sheet that includes meeting dates, times, and places; a pack calendar; a list of leaders

Upcoming Scouting Events

Friday October 9
Fall Harvest Fest
Saturday October 10
Fall Harvest Fest
Monday October 12
Columbus Day Office Closed
Wednesday October 14
Office Opens at 1:00 PM
Thursday October 15
Wine Fest Prep
Friday October 16
Wine Fest Prep
Saturday October 17
2nd Annual Wine Festival
Wednesday October 21
Office Opens at 1:00 PM
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