Good Afternoon,

Wow, time flies and it's Spring already!  As everyone knows, the last storm caused us to reschedule several events.  We are in the process of rescheduling the Council Pinewood Derby and I will get the information out as soon as a decision has been made.  The Camp work dates are April 29th and May 13th. I hope that you can come and get our camp ready for the summer season.

On the note of camp, I am accepting applications for the following positions: Program Director, Nature Director, Scout Craft Director, Health Officer, Boat Pond Director/Asst Aquatics Director and afternoon cook.  If you know someone who would be a great candidate for one of these positions, please let me know ASAP. 

Our District Dinner/Council Dinner will be held on May 3rd at the Round Table.  That evening is when the awards will be recognized.  Here is a note from our Council Commissioner:

Good afternoon Unit Leaders,

  This is a reminder that all adult award applications for training and specialty awards are due to the Council office by close of business this Thursday, March 30th.  All of our leaders deserve to be recognized for the time and effort they put in each week to Scouting and almost every leader qualifies for some type of training award.  We also have not received any inputs from the units regarding leader position of the year nominations (i.e., Scoutmaster/Cubmaster of the Year, Den Leader of the Year, Committee Member of the Year, etc.); these are also due to the office by March 30th.   All award applications can be found in the Adult Leader Awards Handbook provided to each unit last year; they are also available on the National Scouting forms website.   There are a lot of deserving leaders out there who should be recognized for the excellent programs they have put together.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me using the information provided below.

  Thank you for what you do for Scouting each and every day.

Yours in Scouting,

Bill McGovern

Council Commissioner

That's all of my news for tonight!  Enjoy your evening

Yours in Scouting

Kathy Price

Good Afternoon,

OK Here goes my first attempt at communicating using the DE Minute.  It's been a crazy week, so I'll begin with Monday. 

We had a great pizza party to honor all of the Scouts that sold over $500 worth of product during the fall sale.  Congratulations to Noah Moyer from Pack 33, he sold $2,608.  And Congratulations to Jimmy Styer who won the free week of camp.  We also launched the spring sale.  The commission for peanuts is 30% and candy is 20%.

The Spring sale consists of Howe Candy and Virginia Diner peanuts.  The Howe Candy company is sponsoring prizes for the sales of their product.  Each unit received a prize sheet to share with the scouts.  If you need more, please let me know at the office.  The top seller in each unit will receive a prize in addition to anyone who sells the goal outlined on the form.  There will be an additional drawing at the end of 2 weeks to the top 3 salesmen.  They will each receive a $20 gift card for Dunham's.  To be eligible, you must email me the count of product sold by 2/28.  One last opportunity for the spring sale is, for every $200 in product sold, you will earn the opportunity to dunk either myself or Paul Knox at our spring carnival.  WooHoo!!! Bring it on!

Tuesday was our membership meeting for all of the M&M chairs.  We finished the year with a 3% gain in membership.  Great work everyone! 

Wednesday was the District Committee.  We elected the new members at large.  I'm excited to say that we have a good committee this year that is eager to get the district moving.  They will be working on Family Friends of Scouting donations and Community Friends of Scouting Fund raising.  This will be a huge undertaking this year as we all work together. 

Last weekend the 2017 Merit Badge College was a huge success! Thank you to Bob Hewlett and his team for all of their hard work and dedication to the event. 

Looking forward, please note that the first-aid competition information can be found on our website under activities.

Have a great weekend!

Kathy Price

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