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Weekly Recruiting Tips

Show and Tell
Encourage Cub Scouts to use Show and Tell time at school as an opportunity to talk about the fun and adventure they’ve had as a member of a Pack
Pack Info Sheets
Every pack should develop and distribute a Pack Information Sheet that includes meeting dates, times, and places; a pack calendar; a list of leaders
 Planning an additional recruitment event for Cub Scout age boys?
“Stickers” that go on a boy’s shirt (think peel-off name-tags printed with joining information) may be more likely to make it home than a flyer. Boys can also put the stickers on their lunch boxes, notebooks, or anything else that goes home, and that a parent might see. Stickers should include date, time, and place for your recruitment event, along with contact information, the website, and instructions for a parent or adult partner to also attend. Distribute at school visits, back-to-school events, and other such functions.
Promotions through family affiliations
Most families are affiliated with other organizations and businesses: place of employment; customers or clients; church; musical groups; various clubs; sports; etc. These contacts can also be avenues to spread the word about Cub Scouting. Provide families with a Pack information sheet (time, place of meeting, upcoming special events, contact information, web site.
Create a questionnaire
Use the BSA Family Talent Survey Sheet, or you can create your own “family resource questionnaire.” Be sure it asks for information about family affiliations outside of Scouting.
Encourage Volunteering
Encourage your Dens to volunteer for any flag ceremonies at school, especially in conjunction with patriotic holidays: Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, and so forth.
Be Seen in Uniform
Have uniformed pack leaders volunteer to serve lunch on the day of your joining night or additional recruitment event. Be sure to take a picture board, displays, stickers, and flyers to build interest and attention.
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